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Preventing Underage Drinking and Alcohol Abuse

Posted January 16, 2019 in Addiction Help, By admin
Preventing Underage Drinking

When it comes to underage drinking, the results can be devastating. Those who get used to alcohol at an early stage of their life are likely to get addicted very soon and it can be very difficult for them to get rid of the addiction at a later stage. Therefore, it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to make sure that their child stayed away from it.

Underage alcohol consumption is illegal in many countries. However, yet there are reports of underage alcohol abuse which are increasing day by day.

There are a couple of ways to prevent underage drinking. In the following section, you will be offered a brief overview of them

Tips to Prevent Underage Alcohol Abuse

To prevent underage drinking, you need to make a cautious approach. Remember, it’s a teenager you are dealing with; in that case, you need to make sure that you are friendly towards him. Here are a couple of tips which might help your cause

  • Education: It is very important to educate your kids about the bad effects of alcohol consumption. Do not hesitate to explain how his entire body might get affected if he resorts to alcohol abuse. There are lots of videos and literature available which you can refer to
  • Don’t take alcohol in front of your kids: Always make sure that you stayed away from alcohol consumption in front of your kids. Often teenagers get motivated seeing their parents when it comes to addiction. You need to make sure that you refrained yourself from alcohol consumption in front of them
  • Counseling: If you ever find your child using alcohol, instead of coming down hard at him, take him to a professional. A counselor will be able to make him realize the bad effects of alcohol abuse. He has the skills and expertise to deal with teens and he would be able to make him understand why it is important to stay away from alcohol
  • Keep a Strict Eye: If you have suspicions that your child is taking alcohol, in that case, do not hesitate to cross the line. Keep a strict eye on him to find out the exact situation. If you catch him with alcohol do not make the mistake of bursting out at him. This can worsen the situation. Talk to him and try to understand what encouraged him to resort to alcohol

What are the Consequences of Teenage Alcohol Abuse?

The results can be fatal. Here are some of them

  • Social Outcast
  • Physical and mental problems
  • Disruption in sexual development and growth
  • Higher risk for homicide and suicide
  • Memory problems
  • Other kinds of drug abuse

A recent survey conducted has shown that 7 out of 10 individuals who have resorted to teenage alcohol abuse are prone to these consequences.

Teenage alcohol abuse is a very common issue and seems to be growing.

Thankfully, there are many programs available which can be used effectively to deal with this situation

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